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Welcome To The Gurudwara Gobinddham

With expansion of Ahmedabad city on the other side of the river, many Sikh Families moved into new neighbourhoods. To cater the community needs of religious as well as social development the visionary leaders of Sikh community of Ahmedabad took to this mission of developing a huge Gurudwara on the prime land with the help of Government of Gujarat. The dream vision was realized in the year 1994 with the foundation laying ceremony held by sangat and was named “Gurudwara Gobinddham”–“the abode of the tenets of the tenth Sikh Guru, Shri Guru GobindSinghji”. The Gurudwara exemplifies the spirit of Democracy initiated by the fourth Sikh Guru, Shri Guru Ramdasji – Of the Sangat, For the Sangat, By the Sangat.All activities of Gurudwara Gobindham follows three basic founding principles of Sikh religion that is Naam, Seva and Kirat.

The purpose of Naam Jap is fulfilled by continuous recitation of Baani by sangat as well as full time Granthis serving the Gurudwara. All renowned Kirtankars and Kathakars are invited to share their wisdom and rekindle the religious spirit through Gurbani among the sangat from all religion, caste and creed. Several AkhandPaaths are recited for benefit and to get blessings from Akal Purakh Waheguru. People invite Gurudwara-Sangat in the form of PrabhathFeris to pious their homes and work places. So that Naam can reach to the hearts of more and more people of all religion, Nagar Kirtan procession is organized through the city twice a year by Gurudwara Sangat.

One can see the spirit of Seva in a ritualistic manner in Gurudwara. Langar being one of the rituals ensures that nobody coming in sharan of Guru goes hungry. To realize the sense of humility, one form of Seva performed is Jodaseva by sangat irrespective of their social status. The sangat handles the joda (shoes) with utmost care and respect for the sangat. You will always find the Gurudwara spick and span in pristine form, which is only possible by the dedicated sangat performing the cleaning seva continuously. As a Seva for the health of people, Gurudwara also runs a free homeopathy clinic for all. As a subset of Gurudwara, a charitable trust is operated under the name of Bhai KanhaiyajiSeva Mission to help the needy sangat for education, medical emergencies or any other eventualities for non-affordablesangat.

In trying to develop the true kirat of society, Gurudwara runs several programs to build wide skills and competencies among the Guru-Sangat. Summer camps are organized, which includes learning of Punjabi language, History, Kirtan, Musical instruments, Pagadi, etc. Various Competitions are also held to motivate and recognize kids and teenagers.

A strong sense of society commodore is visible as Gurudwara celebrates all religious festivals with enthusiasm.

While todays Modern Management is struggling to imbibe Diversity and Inclusion, the Sikh community is fortunate to have inherited this cultural necessity from Shri Guru GobindSinghji.When Khalsapanth was formed the Panj-Pyaares were the supreme example of Diversity and Inclusion. Todays governing committee of Gurudwara Shri Guru Gobinddham again serves as an example set by Shri Guru GobindSinghjiMaharajsahebji – it includes people from various age, strata, skills and background.